• The Concord Wall features a built-in setback design that automatically creates the correct slope for retaining walls, making it a trusted choice among designers for many years. They are also a popular option for constructing accompanying steps.
  • Arcana captivates with its silky, speckled texture and color palette. It blends natural granite, quartz, and marble particles, creating large format slabs perfect for outdoor projects. With a non-slip surface and EasyClean™ seal, it excels in high-traffic areas and outdoor dining spaces.
  • The modern shapes and lengths of the Artline system make it ideal for giving you that modern plank look which is so popular today.
  • Beacon Hill Flagstone mimics natural cut flagstone with blended colors and a relaxed feel, using Enduracolor technology. Its surface texture is subtle yet dramatic during sunrise and sunset. Sold in a random bundle of three sizes, it's perfect for patios, pool surrounds, and promenades  
  • The large unit sizes and the pleasant colors of Beacon Hill make it a fabulous patio or pool deck paver. The smooth and subtle flagstone impression provides for a striking visual day or night.
  • Bristol Valley Pavers have the charm and character of natural flagstone. Slightly waved edges and a flamed textured surface give it an authentic feel.
  • Introduced to North America by Unilock, Brussels Block is the original tumbled paver. Its timeless warmth, relaxed appearance and tumbled finish reflect the design cues of quarried stone.
  • The slightly rounded profile of Camelot makes it an economical choice to achieve a cobblestone appearance. Available in several colors, it’s appropriate for driveways, walkways and patios.
  • Eco-Priora is a permeable paver system with a sleek design featuring a smooth surface and simple shapes. Its unique spacer bars create a gap allowing water to flow through, making it ideal for reducing the load on municipal stormwater runoff systems. It's suitable for areas with non-permeable surface restrictions, and large commercial projects can order custom colors and textures.
  • Estate Wall boasts an antique-textured finish that replicates the weathered, natural look of stone. You can opt for 3-stone random bundles, each measuring 6 inches (15cm) in height, to construct straight or curved walls, planters, steps, pillars, fire features, grill islands, and various other landscaping elements. The product includes plastic connectors that facilitate interlocking between rows, and they come with the product for your convenience.