The Unilock Revela large format slab offers a modern design aesthetic. It features a smooth and stylish surface, thanks to the implementation of EnduraColor technology. This technology ensures that the texture remains refined and prevents fading, allowing the vibrant color to last longer. Revela is designed with a non-slip surface, making it an excellent option for improving your patio, walkway, or pool deck.


Unilock Revela Slab dark charcoal Unilock Revela Slab tuscany Unilock Revela Slab mica grey Unilock Revela Slab metallic grey
Dark Charcoal Tuscany Mica Grey Metallic Grey
Unilock Revela Slab savannah Unilock revela slab frost
Savannah Frost
Shapes & Sizes:
Unilock Revela Slab 4x8 size Unilock Revela Slab 18x24 size
4″ x 8″
100mm x 200mm x 70mm
3 7⁄8″ x 7 7⁄8″ x 2 3⁄4″
18″ x 24″
450mm x 600mm x 60mm
17 3⁄4″ x 23 5⁄8″ x 2 3⁄8″


  • Pedestal or Overlay
  • Residential & Commercial Pedestrian

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