The U-Cara Wall Mount System signifies a significant evolution from the original U-Cara wall system. It introduces the capability to directly mount fascia panels onto diverse substrate materials such as plywood or concrete. This innovative adaptation expands its versatility by offering a seamless integration option, thereby ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation method suitable for a wide range of architectural projects. This enhancement not only enhances its adaptability but also underscores its practicality and aesthetic appeal across different construction applications.

U-Cara represents a flexible engineered wall system consisting of structural backer blocks and decorative fascia panels. It offers limitless design possibilities and incorporates practical features that ensure quick, easy, and secure installation.

Colors of U-Cara Fascia to Suit Project

unilock u-cara wall mount system fossil smooth unilock u-cara wall mount system opal smooth unilock u-cara wall mount system steel mountain smooth unilock u-cara wall mount system walnut smooth
Fossil Opal Blend Steel Mountain Walnut
  • Alignment Bar
  • U-Cara Mount Rail
  • U-Cara Fascia Panel

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