Pergolas, Arbors, & Fences

When choosing a pergola, our customers look for lightweight material, ease of installation, and great durability. That’s why we offer fiberglass pergolas at Old Station Supply. Fiberglass offers clear advantages over traditional materials like wood, vinyl, or aluminum. While they are lightweight, they present superior stability, strength, and overall durability.

Why Fiberglass Pergolas:
Our stock pergola kits are wind-load rated. Fiberglass beams can span longer distances than wood or vinyl. Unlike wood, the high strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass beams keeps them from sagging under their own weight. And unlike vinyl, fiberglass is unaffected by variations in temperature and will not sag in hot climates.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Pound for pound, our lightweight fiberglass-reinforced components are stronger than steel. This allows for quick and easy installation without the need for cranes or large crews.

Corrosion Resistance
Fiberglass-reinforced composites are naturally corrosion resistant. They will not rust, corrode, rot, check, split, or pit in external applications. They are also weather and insect proof.

Consistency in Appearance & Performance
Compared to traditional materials, fiberglass components offer a uniform appearance that lasts for years. They do not twist, warp, or bow after installation and they maintain their full strength over the life of the product and they support any type of vine or climbing plant.

Ease of Installation
Our pergolas are fabricated to specific dimensions, making installation easy and fast. Parts are clearly labeled and all hardware is included so your pergola can be completed in hours. Hollow beams allow for easy internal wiring.
Stop By Old Station For Your DIY Pergola Kit
Our Norton landscaping supply store has the materials you need to easily install your own durable and longlasting pergola. There’s no longer a need to search the internet for “patio supplies near me.” Old Station is your trusted patio and landscape materials supplier.