Old Station Seasoned Firewood are all hardwood cut and split to fit in your fireplace or stove easier, cut length 16 inch and processed on a WF-30 multi tech with a tumbler screen and split with an 8 way wedge so that each piece is appox. 3-4 inch in diameter. Before it comes to our yard the wood is harvested with forwarder arm equipment so it never touches the mud. We understand that our customers want clean wood.

Old Station Seasoned Firewood mostly consist of Ash and Maple, there is also Beech, Birch and very little to no Oak and maybe a piece or two of White Birch.

1.) Ash is great because it is very easy to burn

2.) Maple gives you lots of color while burning

3.) Birch smells good.

The best hardwoods are Maple, Ash, Beech and Birch. Oak is great too it gives you high BTU’s, Oak can be tuff to burn if you don’t have a good fire already started. That’s why we don’t put much Oak in our loads.

Please call to check availability as our seasoned firewood always goes quick.

*Also sold 1/3 of a cord on pallet with affordable delivery with moffat truck so we can place the firewood as close as possible to your desired location so you don’t have to re-stack the firewood saving you time to enjoy your warm house.

We provide Firewood and other products delivered to these and other fine communities: Firewood Easton MA, Firewood South Easton MA, Firewood North Easton MA, Firewood Foxboro MA, Firewood Mansfield MA, Firewood Norton MA, Firewood Attleboro MA, Firewood Taunton MA, Firewood Raynham MA, Firewood Raynham MA, Firewood Bridgewater MA, Firewood Plainville MA, Firewood Franklin MA, Firewood Brockton MA, Firewood Stoughton MA.

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