Avalanche! Original 750 Roof Rake

Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System Avalanche! Original 750

Avalanche! Original 750 – Roof Snow Removal System

  • Easy snap-on assembly.
  • Patented cutter frame
  • 3.0″ wheels
  • 17″ x 12′ plastic slide
  • 16′ lightweight fiberglass handle in four – 4′ sections
  • Snap-on coupler system for easy storage
  • Weight of product: 10 lbs.

See the videos to see the product in action.  Removes up to a ton of snow per minute.
**  Avalanche 750 model with 3″ wheels was designed for metal, cedar shake, tile & solar panel roof designs. * Note – metal roofs may tear slide material easier.

The Avalanche makes much easier work of removing snow from most roofs.
Removes up to a ton of snow per minute.
Avalanche with a plastic slide not recommended for some metal/steel roof designs.
Works most effectively with horizontal shingles/tiles.

The differentiation between the Avalanche 500 and 750 is 1.5″ wheels .vs 3″ wheels.
The 750 works best for roofs with thick tiles/shingles.

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