In our previous post on outdoor kitchens, we gave you some general tips to help with planning and preparing your outdoor kitchen space. In this post, we’ll delve a little deeper into the planning of your actual outdoor kitchen by posing some questions you should keep in mind as you prepare to build your fabulous outdoor kitchen!

1. Will your outdoor kitchen be attached to your home or in a separate location?

In our last post, we touched briefly on choosing an appropriate spot to build your kitchen. If your kitchen will be in a separate location from your indoor kitchen, for example by the pool house, then you may want to include some amenities to make cooking easier. Adding elements like a refrigerator to store food, drawers for storing buns, utensils, dishes, serving trays, and a trash bin will cut down on trips to the house.

2. What fuel will you use for your grill and other appliances?

If you run a gas line to your cooking area, you will never need to worry about running out of propane. Some homeowners may only be able to run a direct gas line to the grill and may need propane or another source to fuel additional burners. It’s important to know your fuel source before you order any materials.

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3. Will you have electricity in your outdoor kitchen?

When you’re creating an outdoor entertaining space, electricity is an important consideration. Running small appliances like blenders or a popcorn machine for the kids can make entertaining easier. Be sure to include plenty of outlets for lighting, refrigerators, rotisserie, and other appliances. Also, keep in mind that your grill might require a few outlets for components such as LED lighting and electronic ignition.

4. How important is storage?

Do you need to store cleaning supplies, grilling tools, and other materials? Will you store food items or cookbooks? Consider adding water tight cabinets, drawers, and other storage. Storage considerations might be less important if your outdoor kitchen is connected to your home. But, if it’s in a different location, like near the pool, then adding trash, a paper towel drawer, recycling bins, or large cabinets for furniture cushions and other items will provide plenty of convenient storage options.

5. Will you have running water?

Running water is a convenient amenity in outdoor kitchen space. You can add a sink, a beverage center, or an ice maker to cut down on trips to the house.

6. How many guests will you entertain?

This is an important question and will help you make some major decisions. If you regularly entertain large groups, you may want a larger grill. You might also want to consider amenities like warming drawers or a beverage center. On the other hand, if you normally just cook for the family, you might require less prep space and a smaller grill. Think about your entertaining and hosting needs before you begin shopping.

7. What other “comfort” amenities are on your wish list?

Is your outdoor kitchen in an open area? You may want to consider adding items like a pergola or covered grill to make cooking more comfortable. Will you be serving or eating in the same area? Your guests could eat comfortably if you choose to add built-in seating, a dining set, or an island. Adding an outdoor fireplace (with a built-in brick pizza oven) or a fire pit can extend your outdoor kitchen use into the fall.

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