Natural stone veneer has a role in creating a backyard transformation for your home. Right now, the trend is leading back towards natural materials in your landscape and that means that not only can you beautify your space with natural stone products, you can add to your homes curb appeal and value. When planning your projects, create an overall game plan. Outdoor hardscaping can be rolled out over several seasons to reduce costs and better fit into your home improvement budget. By planning ahead, and because of the natural beauty and consistency of thin stone veneers you can choose a species, or several complementary species for your projects.

Here are four current popular trends to consider for your next outdoor hardscaping project.

Modern Linear Designs

Homeowners are moving away from convoluted designs and creating more professional looking backyard designs for their homes. The big trend is towards interior/exterior flow. Using natural stone veneers to create the transition from the interior of your home to your backyard entertaining space is a great way to establish design continuity.

Outdoor Features like Kitchens, Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens…

Creating fully-functioning outdoor kitchen areas and features like fireplaces or pizza ovens is a huge trend as more people are opting for stay-cations. Stone veneer lends itself to these projects well, whether it’s a prefabricated element, or a custom design. Thin stone veneers can be used in any application from beautifying and adding interest a boring concrete retaining wall to create focus, to sheathing an outdoor kitchen island, fire pit or water feature.

Matching Interior and Exterior Designs

We mentioned this briefly, but more consumers and designers are opting to create interior and exterior designs that mimic and complement each other. Natural stone veneers can create a consistency that can help to connect your interior and exterior living spaces.

The Shift Towards Greener Materials

As we all become more aware of environmental issues, the use of natural products like real stone veneer is rising. Consumers are seeking materials that offer natural beauty, are affordable and will last. Thin stone veneer is perfect because it produces little waste, it’s easy to install, it’s affordable and it looks amazing for years and years!

As with any home improvement project, do your due diligence! There are many different choices available when it comes to choosing a stone veneer. If you are working with a landscape architect or designer, speak with them. They can offer the expertise to help you make the right choice. It’s important to consider all of your options before you choose. Natural stone veneers are extremely durable and can last for decodes when properly installed. Make sure you will be happy with your choice for many years to come!

At Old Station Outdoor & Landscape Supply we offer a full range of beautiful natural and manufactured stone veneers for your next home improvement project. Stop by our store at 142 East Main Street in Norton, Mass, give us a call, or visit our website to see our selection. We love helping homeowners to create their dream outdoor or interior space. If you have any questions, or need some advice to help you make the best choice, we’re always here and ready to help!

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