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Here in Massachusetts and throughout New England we have some pretty extreme weather. From the heavy rains of spring, to the heat and humidity of summer, right on through the cold snows of winter, our homes are subject to punishing extremes! For homeowners who have asphalt or concrete driveways, these weather extremes can wreak havoc and require you to reseal or resurface your driveway every two or three years which is not only time-consuming, but can also be expensive.

Today, many homeowners are opting to have their paved driveways replaced with hardscape materials that require little maintenance and can go a long way towards elevating the aesthetic appeal of their home while adding functionality, improving aesthetics and adding value when it’s time to sell.

The Benefits of Concrete Pavers

Your home is your sanctuary and you’ve worked hard to create an environment of comfort and aesthetic beauty. Your driveway is the first contact visitors have with your home when they arrive and is a sort of threshold. A hardscape driveway can dress up your exterior and provide a source of pride every time you drive in. Concrete pavers are designed to withstand the harsh New England weather and require little more maintenance than the occasional pressure washing.

Some of the products we carry like Unilock, Techo-Bloc and other pavers are specifically designed to stand up to the harsh weather, including de-icing and salt products used in the winter. They are manufactured with color throughout the stone for longevity and mimic natural stone for an organic, natural look. As we all strive to live “greener” more sustainable lives, concrete pavers are an ecologically sound choice. Permeable pavers from companies like Unilock, are designed to help divert water back into the ground which prevents flooding, and because they are made from eco-friendly materials do not leach harmful chemicals into ground water like asphalt. Unilock Select pavers even offer premium styles and textures that can repel oil and dirt!

Choosing the Right Product

Choosing the right product for your driveway is an important decision. There are two criteria to consider when choosing the best product to meet your needs. First, what kind of use is your driveway subject to? Do you have multiple vehicles, frequent visitors or equipment (like a boat) parked in your space? Do you simply shovel your driveway in winter, or will your pavers be subject to de-icing chemicals or road salt? All these factors should figure into your final decision.

The second factor to consider is aesthetics. Your hardscape driveway adds the curb appeal and value of your home. It’s a great way to demonstrate your pride of ownership. As you explore the many options of materials, textures, and shapes that are available to you, try to augment, compliment or copy any architectural focal points and features of your home’s exterior.

Today the range of materials available allows you to add a border, accent or even a custom design like a monogram to your driveway. Concrete pavers are perfect for creating these applications. Unilock even offers luminescent NighTec pavers which are not only practical for night parking, but are visually and aesthetically appealing.

If you’d like to learn more about your options and the many products available, give one of our Old Station Outdoor and Landscape team members a call. We stock a wide selection of products from manufacturers like Unilock, Techo-Bloc and others . Let us help you to pick the perfect material to meet your needs and come up with a design that can bring your home’s exterior to the next level of sophistication, functionality and luxury!

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