Installing a pool in your backyard is an exciting, labor intensive process. As you work with your designer, the topic of the decking area inevitably will come up. As you discuss the subject, you’ll soon realize that you have several choices when it comes to materials to use in your backyard transformation.

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For many in the hardscaping industry, the debate centers around whether stamped concrete, wood decking, or pavers are the best choice around pools. We believe when you’re hardscaping your pool area that pavers are always the best choice. Here are the top ten reasons why you should use pavers when creating a backyard transformation!

1. Pavers Can Last a Lifetime

When correctly installed, nothing can outlast pavers. They are incredibly durable. No other material can withstand the wear and tear of daily use better than pavers. Wood can splinter, concrete slabs can crack, but pavers can last a lifetime!

2. Pavers are Great for an Outdoor Environment

If you live in New England, the area around your pool is subject to many factors that could contribute to breakage and wear like extreme weather, or exposure to changing temperatures, sunlight and water. All materials eventually damage and fade with repeated exposure to the elements, but pavers will be much less susceptible to that.

3. Pavers are Easy to Install

Pavers are simple to install. While a skilled professional is needed to prepare the site and install your pavers, installation is fast and easy taking days, not weeks to complete.

4. Pavers are Great When You Need Repairs

Around the swimming pool you always have underground pipes, which, in most cases, will break and need repair. When that happens you can simply remove the pavers in a small area to access and repair the plumbing. After you are done, just put the pavers back and nobody will even notice that you had work done in your patio.

While pavers can last a lifetime, accidents could happen and a paver gets damaged. Luckily, because pavers interlock it’s easy to remove a small portion of the surface to replace a damaged paver.

5. Pavers are Safe

Most tiles or stamped concrete is slippery when wet. Because of their texture, format and sizes, pavers are among one of the safest alternatives for pool decks.

6. Pavers Offer Flexibility

Pavers can be created to mimic natural stone and can be arranged in different patterns or designs. This gives you flexibility to create a backyard transformation that fits in with the rest of your outdoor landscaping and can meet your aesthetic needs.

7. Pavers Are Affordable

Installing a new pool is expensive. To keep your project within budget you should use affordable materials wherever you can. Pavers come in a great variety of prices, so cost will depend on your selection. But given the durability and very low maintenance they get to be a very budget friendly option, especially long term.

8. Pavers Can Bring New Life to an Old Space

Sometimes you might need to refresh or repair an existing outdoor space, for example concrete decking around your pool. Using a thin profile paver to create a layer on top of your existing decking can give it new life and a clean look.

9. Pavers Can Be Made From Concrete or Natural Stones

  • Concrete pavers are manufactured in a great variety of shapes, sizes and styles, with looks that can mimic natural stone.
  • Natural stone pavers are constructed from granite, bluestone, brownstone, limestone, travertine and others, bringing sophistication and natural look to your outdoor space.

10. Pavers are Beautiful

One of the most compelling reasons to choose pavers is that they are simply beautiful. Pavers come in a wide variety of colors. They can be used to create intricate designs that can add a look of sophistication and create a breathtaking outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed by your entire family.

Want to learn more? Give us a call! At Old Station Outdoor and Landscape Supply we carry a full range of pavers from some of the top manufacturers like Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Ideal and Belgard. Let us show you how you can use pavers to create a beautiful retreat right in your own backyard.