Umaco Siloxane 20

Siloxane 20 is an exterior-grade, clear, deep penetrating water repellent designed to be applied over untreated concrete pavers, brick, block, concrete, stucco, natural stone, flagstone, granite, limestone and bluestone.

Provides excellent water repellency helping to reduce 0cracking, spalling, freeze-thaw and chemical damage, mold, mildew growth and dirt pick up thereby lengthening substrate life and reducing maintenance cost.

  • Water Repellent May be applied by brush, roller or low pressure pump sprayer
  • Packaging 1G can (4/case, 108/pallet)
  • 5G pail (36/pallet), 55G drum

Coverage per gallon

  • Concrete = 120-220 ft²
  • Block/Brick = 80-150 ft²
  • Split Rib Block = 50-100 ft²

Mixing Stir well before using