Bluestone Tumbled Flagging Irregular Thick #1038






Tumbled Bluestone Flagging Irregular 1″

Tumbled Bluestone Flagging Irregular 2″

Tumbled Bluestone Flagging

2” Patterned Flagging know also as “Bluestone Paver”

2” Irregular Flagging

Garden Path Tumbled Blue Stone
Approx. 3200 Lbs. Per Pallet


Tumbled Bluestone is a unique sand stone that achieves a “weathered, old world” appearance. Tumbled Bluestone is tumbled with special aggregates in state of the art tumbling equipment to achieve the aged appearance. After tumbling, the sharp edges and crisp corners are softened, giving the stone a naturally weathered texture and appearance. This “weathering” enhances the natural character and beauty of the stone.

Tumbled Bluestone products include irregular stand up flagging, treads and pavers. Tumbled Bluestone is available in full color or blue/blue. Tumbled Bluestone is an ideal product for a landscape designer to achieve an aged or long established appearance in garden paths, pool areas, patios and new construction.


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