Product Description

Ideal for carving or sculpting soft marbles, alabaster, slate, or any other type of soft stone, the Soft Stone Hand Carving Set provides a basic collection of steel chisels in varying blade widths and tooth styles.  The hexagonal-stock chisels offer more delicate control of blade direction while carving, and the sampling of tooth styles provides a wider range of roughing or texturing options.

Product Features
  • 3/8in and 3/4in Steel Flaired Chisels with Flat Blades
  • 3/4in Steel Flair Chisel with 5 Pointed Teeth
  • 5/8in Steel Flair Chisel with 4 Square Teeth
  • 3/4in Steel Flair Chisel with Rondel
  • 1/2in Steel Hand Point
  • 1-1/2lb Round Hand Hammer OR Square Soft Stone Hammer
  • Canvas Trow & Holden Tool Wrap