Product Description

Wood and fiberglass replacement handles for all Trow & Holden handles.

All wood handles are sourced from U.S. suppliers and manufactures in the highest grade hickory available.  Wood replacement handles will ship with wood and steel shims for proper handle installation.  Wood handles may require sanding for proper fitment in hammer eye.

Fiberglass handle kits are supplied by Nupla, a leading U.S. manufacturer of fiberglass handles.  All kits include a handle, epoxy, and installation instructions.

For more detailed information regarding proper handle selection, installation, and care, please view our Handle Guide and other documentation listed on this page.  References to proper replacement handle selections can also be found in the Product Specification sections of each hammer’s individual product page.

Product Features
Handle ID Handle Description Hammer Compatibility
HA-RND 7in Round Wood Handle with Round Eye 1-2lb Round & Brass Hand Hammers
HA-RP16 11in Wood Rock Pick Hammer Handle 16oz Rock Picks (ONLY)
HA-RP24 12in Wood Rock Pick Hammer Handle 24oz Rock Picks (ALL), Mosaic, Veneer, 1.5lb Bushing Hammers
HA-12OE 12in Wood Handle with Oval Eye 2lb, 3lb, 4lb Hand Hammers with Oval Eyes
HA-13 13in Wood Handle with Round Eye 1-4lb Hand Hammers with Round Eyes
HA-#13, HA-#13SG 13in Fiberglass Handles Hand Hammers (ALL), 1-2lb Stone Hammers, Hammer Points
HA-14 14in Round Wood Handle with Round Eye 2-4lb Bell Hammers
HA-#14SG 14in Fiberglass Handle 2-4lb Bell Hammers
HA-16 16in Wood Handle with Oval Eye 2-6lb Stone Hammers (ALL)
HA-#16, HA-#16SG 16in Fiberglass Handles 2-6lb Stone Hammers (ALL)
HA-30 30in Wood Handle with Large Oval Eye 8-12lb Stone Hammers (ALL)
HA-32 32in Heavy Wood Handle with Jumbo Oval Eye 14-20lb Stone Hammers (ALL)
HA-#32 32in Heavy Fiberglass Handle 8-20lb Stone Hammers (ALL)