Trow and Holden Hard Stone Hand Carving Set

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Trow and Holden Hard Stone Hand Carving Set


Product Description

The carbide-tipped chisels in our Hard Stone Hand Carving set will hold their edges much longer than traditional steel tools.  This set is an ideal introductory collection of tools for hand carving granite, hard marble, hard limestone, or if you simply want to gain the improved performance and durability of carbide-tipped stone carving tools.

Product Features
  • 1/2in Carbide Hand Point
  • 3/8in Carbide Chisel
  • 1/2in Carbide Chisel with Teeth
  • 3/4in Carbide Mallet Head Chisel
  • 1in Carbide Mallet Head Chisel
  • 1-1/2lb Round Hand Hammer OR Square Soft Stone Hammer
  • Canvas Trow & Holden Tool Wrap

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