Trow and Holden Diamond Swivel Sharpening System

Product Description

Keep carbide chisels perform at their best by maintaining their blades’ as-new condition with our Diamond Swivel Sharpening System. Diamond is the perfect material for redressing carbide. It doesn’t heat up, and it can quickly reshape the hardest materials.  The portability of this system also makes it easier to maintain tools where and when they need it, whether you’re at the job site or in the workshop.

Our Swivel Sharpening System includes 120- and 220-grit 4in diameter diamond pads, along with a rigid backplate that fits in the variable speed electric drill. The swivel clamp can be mounted onto the edge of most work surfaces, and it is easily adjusted to achieve a convenient grinding angle. The drill and swivel clamp fit together and are not sold separately. Diamond pads and, occasionally, backplates will need to be replaced as they wear, and can be purchased separately.

Product Features
  • vairiable-speed corded power drill
  • 120, 220 grit 4in diamond pads, and rigid backplate
  • locking swivel clamp

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