Trow and Holden Carbide Mosaic Hammers and Hardie

Product Description

Used to cut tile for detailed mosaic work, the Carbide Mosaic Hammer has two fine carbide blades for making delicate cuts. Available in 1lb and 2-1/2lb weights. If you are doing mosaic work, the steel Hardie is a must. The pointed end of the Hardie is designed to be driven straight down into a block of wood, leaving the hardened chisel blade facing upwards to create a fulcrum for precisely cutting glass, ceramics or other mosaic materials.

Product Features

Mosaic Hammers

  • hammers available in 1lb or 2-1/2lb
  • hammers feature dual carbide tips
  • 12in wooden handle included with hammers

Mosaic Hardie

  • hardened steel blade approximately
  • blade is approximately 1-3/4in wide and slightly curved
  • approximately 5in overall height
  • sold separately from hammers

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