Product Description

The Hand Carving & Lettering Set is a complete collection of Trow & Holden’s hexagonal-stock carbide-tipped Hand Carving & Lettering Chisels, and includes a choice of one of three Hand Hammers.

This set also makes a great gift for an aspiring stone carver!

Product features
  • 1/8in, 3/16in, 3/8in Carbide Lettering Chisels with 3/8in Hexagonal Stock
  • 1/4in, 3/8in, 1/2in Carbide Lettering Chisels with 1/2in Hexagonal Stock
  • 1lb Round Hand Hammer, 1lb Round Brass Hammer, OR 1-1/2lb Square Soft Stone Hammer
  • Canvas Trow & Holden Tool Wrap