Trow and Holden Bull Sets

Product Description

The Bull Set is designed for roughing out or shaping large blocks of flat stone. Using the Bull Set is a 2-person operation: one person holds the hammer on its edge slightly angled away from the outside edge of the stone and just behind the segment of stone to be removed; the second person then hits the back of the Bull Set with a striking hammer of comparable weight. The Bull Set’s blade has two working edges. When one side becomes warn, adjust positioning to utilize the other side of the blade or flip the position of the head on the handle. The Carbide Bull Set will last longer and requires less maintenance than steel. However, it is more vulnerable to breaking if placed on uneven surfaces. The Carbide Bull Set is recommended for use on sawed or polished block only.

Product Features
  • available with hardened steel or carbide-tipped blade
  • Carbide Bull Set for use on smooth sawed or polished block only
  • 30in wood handle included

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