The Suprema retaining wall is offered in two beautiful textures: the chiseled, a small-scale version of the Monumental Block, and the split face finish. The two textures enable the use of this beautifully engineered retaining wall in a variety of architectural styles and designs, such as curved or straight retaining walls, planter walls and elevated patios. Suprema meets all provisions of the International Building and Residential codes (2003/2006/2009 ICC-ES).


ProductNode-productImage_55-350x178-en-CA-SupremaChiseled ProductNode-productImage_142-350x214-en-CA-SupremasplitSplit Face


Versatile units that can be used to build retaining walls, planters and single-sided

Split-Face Colors

suprema1ChamplainGrey suprema3Sandlewood suprema4Shale Grey

Sculpted Colors

suprema5ChamplainGrey suprema7Sandlewood suprema8Shale Grey


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