Chimney Sweep Furnace Cement

Chimney Sweep Furnace Cement will do anything from fixing a hole in your firebrick to fixing a crack in your stove. It comes premixed as a grey, gritty, heavy bodied cement that can be used anywhere you need a high temperature adhesive is needed. For a smoother finish or for smaller cracks try our Black Furnace Cement.

  • Rated to withstand up to 2,700° F (1480° C)
  • Bonds metal to metal and masonry
  • Heavy bodied, tough, long lasting cement
  • Repair firebricks in outdoor furnaces

Approx. Coverage at 18” thick:

  • 32 oz: 2 12 ft2
  • 16 oz: 1 14ft 2
  • 8 oz: 18 ft2