HPC Remotes and Timers

Timers and remotes are a great feature to have on your electronic ignition on/off outdoor fire pit. They will allow you to either set a timer with a countdown so that your fire pit is not burning through the night at a 12 hour or 2 hour timed off. The remotes will allow you to start the fire pit via use of a key dongle giving the peace of mind that only the person holding the dongle can turn the fire pit on or off.

We also carry a wall switches that can is preset to timed amounts of 2, 4, 8 and 12 that will start the electronic ignition on/off fire pit with the push of a button.

Another great product used more on commercial builds and in areas that require it for residential by code is the E-Stop that will kill all power going to the fire pit with a key release that allows only the person with the keys to turn the power back on once activated.

Outdoor On/Off Remote

CARLON 120 VAC Remote for outdoor firepits
Used with EI Fire Pit Systems. 120 VAC models only. CARLON in-line power control with 3 prong in/out.

Automatic Shutoff Timers

Stainless steel rotary timer (SPDT, 20A) – Two choices for time ranges on this timer from 15 min ~ 2 hours, or 15 min ~ 12hrs; 2 1/2 deep; double gang box recommended; for use with NEMA 3R enclosure (not provided). 694– 2hr Timer; 695– 12hr Timer

2 hour timer for outdoor firepits
Outdoor 2 hr Timer
12 hour timer for outdoor firepits
Outdoor 12hr Timer
2 hour timer for outdoor firepits with 3R NEMA Box
694 NEMA
Outdoor 2hr Timer mounted into the NEMA 3R box
12 hour timer for outdoor firepits with 3R NEMA Box
695 NEMA
Outdoor 12hr Timer mounted into the NEMA 3R box

Four-preset switch – can be set at 2, 4, 8, 12 hours (SPDT, 20A) – built with a white finish only. (696) This switch is not rated for outdoor use and must be installed on an inside protected wall for control of your outdoor fire pit.

Adjustable multi button timer for outdoor firepits
Indoor 2,4,8,12hr Timer

Commercial Emergency Stop

Perfect for commercial applications of Evolution 360, H2Onfire or EI systems. Push button with keyed reset allows supervisor confirmation. Safely turns off up to 3 circuits plus one fail safe function.

2 hour timer for outdoor firepits
2.8×2.8×4″ Rated for 600VA, 10A. Rated IP65 protection against dust and low pressure water from all directions

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