Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Outdoor Heater

Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Outdoor Heater

Your quest for the ultimate heater ends here! Introducing the remarkable Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric, a fusion of cutting-edge heating technology, award-winning design, and minimal light emission.


Experience its unparalleled performance as it efficiently warms your surroundings without wasting energy on heating the air. Crafted with an ultra-slim, premium 304 stainless steel chassis and Schott tinted ceramic-glass screens, this heater seamlessly blends into its environment, almost becoming invisible while emanating a market-leading radiant heat output akin to the comforting warmth of the sun. Embrace this exceptional heating solution that perfectly balances efficiency, aesthetics, and effectiveness, providing you with a truly remarkable heating experience.

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Power, Heat Area

– 2300W, 65ft2

– 3400W, 108ft2

– 4500W, 143ft2

Mounting Options

– Flush

– Ceiling

– Wall

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