Bluestone Thermal Full Color

Bluestone Thermal Full Color








PA Bluestone Thermal Full Color

1 ½” Patterned Flagging


Pennsylvania Multi Color Bluestone is a unique sand stone quarried in the northeastern counties of Pennsylvania, was formed as sediments fossilized into rock. Minerals, carried by groundwater through rock deposits create other colors, including: blue, green, and lilac or a combination of these shades.

Pennsylvania Multi Color Bluestone is a strong, stable stone that resists cracking and won’t discolor. Pennsylvania Multi Color Bluestone is highly prized as a building material and for adding architectural details because it can be easily separated into slabs of desired size.

Pennsylvania Multi Color Bluestone is a versatilechoice for landscapers and architects seeking a connection to the environment. This stone, is flexible, fitting into contemporary and traditional designs and is used to create walls, steps, sidewalks, patios and as a complimentary component of building facades.

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