Alfa Moderno Oven 3 Pizze

The Moderno 3 Pizze oven from Alfa is a spacious and high-performance pizza oven made in Italy. Its modern design is suitable for vibrant environments, while its size makes it a perfect fit for outdoor kitchens.



While the 3 Pizze may bear a resemblance to the 2 Pizze, including the color scheme, it possesses a distinct set of features that set it apart from its counterpart. The weight, dimensions, and pizza capacity differ between the Moderno 2 Pizze oven and the Moderno 3 Pizze oven.

Antique Red Fire Yellow

Further Information

-Baking Bread: 2/3 kg
-Maximum temperature:  500°C
-Weight: 97.5 Kg
-Number of People: 1-10

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