Bull Austin Q Outdoor Cooking Island

Bull Austin Q Outdoor Cooking Island

Meet the Austin Q, a stunning addition to Bull’s solid surface countertop collection that brings a modern and immaculate look to outdoor kitchens.


These surfaces are constructed using robust and stylish porcelain tiles, reinforced with a unique honeycomb aluminum center, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The new Bull countertops provide a seamless finish for your outdoor kitchen, with a single top piece that eliminates joints and grout lines commonly found in conventional outdoor kitchens with composite or small tiles. The Austin Q comes complete with the Angus 4-burner grill head, a 30-inch double door, and a standard refrigerator, making it a comprehensive and functional kitchen setup.

Countertop Tile Selection
Ivory Greystone Fior Di Bosco

Base Finishes

Stucco Rock 309 Ash Stucco-Rock-309-Charcoal-2-scaled Stucco Rock 12 Stucco Rock 16
Sky Grey Graphite Grey Sandstone Tan Misty Grey
SR 304
Barnwood Brown

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