• Versatile wall system. One pallet does it all, retaining, free-standing, seating walls and columns
• Specialized pin system allows near vertical to 1” setback build
• Excellent for straight, curved and terraced wall designs
The 3-piece Stonegate Wall System features a unique, modern contemporary finish on both sides.
It’s offered in three face lengths (packaged on the same pallet) and available in wall coping.
* 1/2″ x 5-1/4″ fiberglass alignment pins included


Adobe Blend


Golden Brown Blend

Granite City Blend

Southbay Blend

Premium Colors:


Chesapeake Blend

Crab Orchard Blend

Oceanic Blue

Oyster Blend

Southbay Blend



Width: 10″
Length: 16″/14″
Thickness: 6″
Width: 10″
Length: 12″/10″
Thickness: 10″
Width: 10″
Length: 6″/4″
Thickness: 6″
Width: 11″
Length: 12″/10″
Thickness: 3″

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