Stoneyard Thin Stone Veneer Portsmouth Granite Mosaic

Stoneyard Portsmouth Granite Mosaic Natural Stone Veneer


Portsmouth Granite™ Mosaic Thin Stone Veneer

Portsmouth Granite™ is real New England Granite stone with gray, black, and white coloring. Mosaic pattern stone veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone for siding, facing, and cladding. The shapes consist primarily of triangles and stop sign shapes and the pattern is similar to the mosaic dimensions created from broken ice. Sold as individual stones not stone panels.

Flat Specifications







Facing Area: 0.25 – 1.25 sf per piece
Size:(4.5 inches x 8 inches) to (11 inches x 16 inches)
Thickness: 1 inch (0.75-1.25 inch)
Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf*
Colors: Gray, black, white
Flat Packaging: 5 sf box, 168 sf crate

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