MTI Wall Opening Weeps WOW9095

Wall Opening Weeps Images

Wall Opening Weeps Images

What Wall Opening Weeps does:

  • They form the bottom edge of the scratch coat and the bottom edge of the thin-set mortar.
  • They maintain vertical tunnels/channels up into the thin veneer walls.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are 3⁄16″ thick and fit easily into a thin veneer wall detail.
  • They are translucent in color and blends with mortar.

How to install Wall Opening Weeps*

  • Install Wall Opening Weeps™ 10” on center on flashings.
  • Install metal lath over Sure Cavity.
  • Apply scratch coat, thin-set veneer mortar, thin veneer, and joint grout.
  • Tool joints and lightly score legs at face of wall and crack off by pushing downward while mortar is still plastic.
  • Retool mortar and brush joints.

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