S-TECH 100Cci™ is a fully breathable, 100% octyl silane which penetrates deeply into engineered concrete and forms permanent chemical bonds inside the pores to provide optimal, long lasting water repellence and protection against the ingress of water and dissolved chloride ions. The corrosion inhibitor provides additional protection to the embedded steel rebar renforcement. It is designed to maintain the condition and maximize the life of concrete structures against common forms of damage caused by the ingress of water and salts, including: Efflorescence and leaching of water soluble minerals, freeze-thaw / salt spalling and picture framing. It also keeps surfaces looking good for longer and makes them easier to clean and maintain.

General Information

Typical applications: 

High rise concrete structures, parking garages, highways, overpasses, bridges, wharfs, jetties.

Especially important for the protection of concrete structures in a salt water or freeze-thaw environment or where de-icing salts are used.

Suitable surfaces:

Engineered / structural / poured concrete


  • Penetrates deeply, and forms full covalent bonds inside the pores of the concrete for superior long term water repellence.
  • Premium protection against freeze-thaw / salt water spalling, efflorescence, picture framing and other common damage caused by water and chloride ion ingress
  • Contains amine corrosion inhibitor to provide additional protection for the reinforcing steel rebar against oxidation.
  • A 30 year performance warranty is available – see Warranty section for details.
  • VOC ˂329g/L – meets SCAQMD rule 1113 for reactive penetrating sealers, within 5 miles of the ocean or above 4000ft on reinforced concrete structures.
  • High resistance to alkaline (high pH) environments. Concrete is highly alkaline / base and can severely shorten the life of other technologies. • Able to seal hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm (0.012 in.)
  • Retards reinforcement corrosion (even in carbonated concrete)
  • Reduces alkali aggregate reactions
  • Non film forming so it cannot flake or peel and is resistant to UV
  • Studies have demonstrated that high performance silanes can extend the service life of reinforced concrete structures by over 100 years
  • Dry-Treat only uses silanes which produce alcohol. Dry-Treat sealer do NOT contain methoxy silanes which emit methanol and can cause blindness / death.


A 30 year performance warranty is available if product is applied by a level 4 Accredited Applicator at the optimal application rate (see section on Total Application Rates), according to our written instructions and guidelines and samples are provided to us for testing. Industry professionals can contact their local Dry-Treat representative or email to enquire about Accredited Applicator training and certification.

Technical Data:

  • Active Content: ˃95% n-Octyltriethoxysilane plus amine anti-corrosion inhibitor. Complies with UK Highways Agency BD 43/03 “The Impregnation of Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete Highway Structures Using Hydrophobic Pore-Lining Impregnants” and BS EN 1504- 2:2004 “Products and Systems for the Protection and Repair of Concrete Structures”
  • Specific Gravity: 0.88
  • Color: light yellow-brown, clear liquid
  • Weight: 7.34 lbs / gallon; 0.88 kg / liter
  • VOCs: <329 g/L

Pack size

  • USA and Asia Pacific – 5 gallon / 18.9 liter; 54 gallon / 204.5 liters; 250 gallon / 946 liter – special order
  • Europe – 5 Gallon (18.9Litre); 54 and 250 gallon – special order.