Dark Blend Mulch – Free of Dye

Pine and Spruce bark that has been “cooking” since last fall, resulting in a smooth shade of mocha with a fine texture.

Why buy your mulch at Old Station Supply?

Bark Mulch –  All the mulches we sell are bark mulch free of dye. Below are a few facts:

  • Bark contains waxes that shed water, increasing moisture content in the soil.
  • Bark maintains it’s color longer then wood mulch.
  • Mulches that do not contain bark have a high carbon -nitrogen ratio. This means that wood mulches could rob your soil of nitrogen, a primary nutrient important for plant growth and survival.
  • Bark mulch increases the level of phosphorus and potassium in soil. These macronutrients are important for the survival of plants.

High Quality – Our bark mulches are made from Virgin materials – direct from mills in Maine and Canada and contain no waste debris materials.

Consistency – Even as our raw bark material varies through the year, we work hard at managing our blends to maintain a consistent color and texture throughout the season.

Continuous Grind – Our supplier has exclusive continuous grind process with multiple screening produces a product that is better then a triple grind.

Accurate Yardage – We use a combination of industry accepted measurement protocols to ensure you get what you pay for.

Service – Our Professional, friendly staff is committed to providing the level of service you deserve

Delivery – Please call to check on our affordable delivery prices.


Not All Mulch Is Created Equal

Real bark mulch may be slightly more expensive, but well worth it in the long run.

Some wood mulch companies are grinding up things like pallets and unwanted landscape brush and calling it “bark mulch”.

Unwanted landscape brush can consist of diseased tree limbs and insect infested branches. Often dyed to mimic bark mulch, wood mulches become quickly faded and end up looking gray or pink as the dye washes out and the wood becomes faded from the sun.

Sometimes the low price that come along with these types of mulch make it an attractive alternative to buying the real thing.

Why buy an imposter when for a few more dollars per yard you can have real bark mulch and overall better plant health.


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