SB-9000 is a clear sealer that will not yellow under exposure
to sunlight. It forms a tenacious bond to the concrete or
masonry surface. The high solids formula combines
properties of adhesion, flexibility and UV light resistance to
provide a long lasting, concrete seal. SB-9000 will penetrate
the substrate and provide a protective layer on the surface
that is resistant to mild acid, alkali, and salt attack and will
not support mold growth. SB-9000 will increase the stain
resistance of the concrete and allow easier cleaning,
maintenance, and extended wear.

SB-9000 will seal and enhance the beauty of new and old
concrete, masonry and related surfaces. It is ideal for
Interlocking concrete pavers, stamped concrete, or masonry
surfaces giving them a glossy finish. SB-9000 is the
perfect product to restore the look and elegance of
old/tired pavers. Also works on limestone, sandstone,
clay and natural pavingstones. SB-9000 has a unique
property which allows the substrate to breathe while
protecting it from rain and airborne contaminants.


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