SB-7700 is a water-based, single component, epoxy modified, penetrating sealer specially formulated with anti-fungal agents designed to help inhibit the growth of mold, fungi and moss on horizontal pavement surfaces. The product also protects concrete and masonry surfaces from salts, acids and other corrosive chemicals as well as helping to minimize overall surface weathering and deterioration. SB-7700 also contains UV inhibitors that prevent film degradation, discoloration and yellowing caused by exposure to harmful UV light. SB-7700 has the consistency of water and is milky white in appearance when applied and then dries crystal clear, creating a finish that ranges from a satin sheen to a semi gloss depending on the substrate surface. The product is non-hazardous and exceeds all current VOC and EPA standards for related products. Due to its unmatched breathability, SB-7700 can be applied immediately after the installation of new pavers and will not trap moisture and efflorescence. SB-7700 also seals and protects decorative, stamped, and patterned concrete that have been colored with integral pigments, acid stains, release agents or color hardeners.

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