Spring-based rod rebounds when hit by car or plow

No more scraped vehicles, damaged landscaping, or broken markers!

Most current markers are hard to install, especially in frozen or rocky ground. They bend, break and never last the season. They’re easily knocked down by plows, passing vehicles—even a hard snow. And in the process, they can damage vehicles, scraping them or puncturing tires. Add to that, markers can be expensive to buy year after year.

How the Rebound is better:

» The spring-mounted Rebound just bounces back—it can deflect 90° (flat to the ground) in any direction and the spring will return it to vertical

» Long lasting, made out of top-quality materials

» Firmly anchored into ground by an 8-inch metal spike

» Easier and faster to install—even in frozen ground

» Also easy to remove

» Available in Orange/Yellow; Black/White

» Made in the USA

Easy to Install!


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