Polylok is a premier manufacturer and supplier of surface drains. Polylok Drains offer home owners, architects, engineers, contractors and storm water managers a variety of superior surface drains for a myriad of applications. No matter what the situation requires, from residential to unlimited heavy industrial applications. Polylok Drains are engineered for simple one-step installations. This minimizes contractor costs for installation. Polylok Drains meet and exceed the ADA American Disabilities Act of 1990; Section 4.5.4. Polylok Drains are a practical and cost-effective solution anywhere runoff needs to be controlled or captured.


  • Comes with all stainless steel hardware
  • Easily installed and removed with one bolt
  • 47 Sq. in. of open area
  • Rust resistant
  • Load Class C
  • Application: Heavy Duty / Commercial
  • Application proof load: 310 psi
  • Typical application standard: A-A6005