Stone Veneer World Canton Blend Ledgestone Real Thin Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer World is proud to offer our new premium line of beautiful and incredibly affordable natural stone veneers.

With over ten colors and multiple shapes and sizes to choose from, including ledgestone, ashlars, squares & rectangles, mosaics and rounds, our Stone Veneer World provides grace and style to any home or business.

Stone Veneer World is sourced direct from the quarries of Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and some are imported from overseas so we can guarantee our lowest prices with the highest quality. Each natural stone is hand-picked and sorted, then cut by skilled, expert craftsmen into distinctive shapes with a timeless beauty that compliments each stone’s unique color and texture, and ultimately, compliments your home.

Stone Veneer World has followed tradition, naming our durable, timeless veneers for the dependable, local train stations within the Old Colony Railroad network. Their names are local and you know them well: Norton Blend, Canton Blend, Easton Blend, Mansfield Blend, Taunton Blend, Abington Blend, Sharon Blend, Braintree Blend, Quincy Blend, Dedham Blend, Plymouth Blend, Cape Code Blend, Medfield Blend, Marlboro Blend, Providence Blend, and New Bedford Blend. Our natural thin stone veneers are as classic as the New England towns for which they are named.

Inside or out Stone Veneer World is a cost-effective way to add an element of style and aesthetic beauty to your home or business. Our veneers are crafted with a thin cut, about 3/4” to 1 ½” thick, making them suitable for interior areas that cannot support heavy weight, such as accent walls, backsplashes, facades, fireplaces, kitchens, outdoor kitchens or bathrooms.

Outside the home, our veneers provide the durability, strength, and excellence expected of a high-quality material. Stone Veneer World will stand up to the outside elements while retaining their charm and splendor for years to come.

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