Product Overview:
Morton Safe-T-Salt helps clear ice and snow from driveways, porches, steps and other walkways without clearing out your wallet. It melts effectively at low temperatures – at a lower cost than most specialty melters.



Morton Safe-T-Salt is America’s #1 Brand of Rock Salt.
Salt has been used for decades to help control ice and snow when winter weather strikes. Morton Safe-T-Salt provides a tried-and-true melting solution at lower cost than most specialty melters:
• Clears ice and snow from driveways, walkways and steps.
• Provides traction for getting out of snow drifts; can be stored in vehicle trunks to provide extra weight and improve driving stability.
• Scientifically proven to melt ice and snow in normal winter temperatures (~5F and above)

The ingredients in Morton® Safe-T-Salt:
• Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

Available Sizes:

  • 10 lb. bag
  • 25 lb. bag
  • 50 lb. bag