Bulk salt treated with Ice B’Gone® II, is one of the most effective and efficiently priced ice-melt products available in the industry. The proprietary formulation contains: sodium chloride, liquid magnesium chloride, and Ice B’Gone® II which is manufactured from a molasses, high-fructose corn syrup or other carbohydrate base. Unlike other ice-melt products whose ancillary ingredients usually are added topically, our bulk treated salt is distinctive because all components are thoroughly blended, resulting in salt crystals that are uniformly encapsulated.

Product Features & Benefits

Faster melting action
Low-temperature melting performance to well below –0° F
Reduced bounce and scatter
Longer lasting adhesion to road surfaces with continued residual effects
Fleet optimization
Free-flowing spreader
Less equipment corrosion

Environmental and Safety Benefits and Effectiveness

Eliminates the use of sand and related residual cleanup
More efficient use of salt with lower environmental impact
Approved for use in watershed areas
Prolonged effectiveness minimizes refreeze providing for safer travel conditions
Ice-melting characteristics are 3.5 times more effective than rock salt commonly occurring temperatures