A ground-breaking, storm-water management paving system for heavy traffic industrial, commercial and institutional use. It is the ideal solution to address the growing need (and requirement) to increase ground permeability and storm water management. It meets sustainability goals (LEED projects), eases the pressure on potable water supply of municipalities and provides a cost-effective solution far more durable than asphalt. The pavers interlock vertically, horizontally and rotationally resulting in a very strong and sustainable permeable pavement. In addition, a mechanical clamp, TB100SI, was developed by Techo-Bloc to increase the efficiency of installation to an average of 6200 Square feet per day per clamp – compared to the average installation of 1000 Square feet per day with a team of 5 landscape laborers. Inflo is part of the dry cast collection.


Chestnut Brown Grey Shale Grey

Shapes & Sizes

7 7/8 x 11 13/16


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