Fire Magic Aurora Grills- A830i Gas/Charcoal Combo

Fire Magic Aurora Grills- A830i Gas/Charcoal Combo

The Aurora Series grill from Fire Magic combines exceptional design and engineering to deliver unmatched performance. Boasting numerous features found in its counterpart, the Echelon Series, the Aurora Series grill offers remarkable cooking versatility, durability, and longevity.


The Aurora Gas/Charcoal Combo grill provides the perfect blend of gas and charcoal cooking options. It is equipped with a convenient charcoal/wood feed door that comes with an adjustable pan, allowing you to control the heat intensity. With a powerful 26,000 BTU charcoal igniter, starting the charcoal is a breeze. The grill also features a slideout ashtray for easy cleaning. Furthermore, you have the choice to enhance your grilling experience by adding a backburner and a heavy-duty rotisserie kit to the gas side of the grill.

– Standard
A830i Gas/Charcoal Combo Built-In Grill With Analog Thermometer

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