Exclusive to Unilock, this patented wall system represents a revolution in wall design. With U-Cara it’s now possible to design walls, pillars, planters, fire features, grill islands and more, with the refined surface and long-lasting color of exclusive Unilock EnduraColor finishes.

U-Cara Fascia Panels can be placed anywhere along the patented Sure Track Backer Block, allowing for pattern, color and texture combinations that are impossible to achieve with other systems. Build single or double sided vertical landscape features using the Standard Sure Track Backer block, or use the Large Backer Block in the setback position to construct retaining walls up to 3ft (0.9m) high without the need for geogrid.



Bavarian              Pitched Face

Black Granite              Series Finish

French Grey                Umbriano Finish

Opal                              Smooth Face

Peppered Granite      Series Finish

Sierra                            Smooth Face

Steel Mountain          Pitched Face

Summer Wheat          Umbriano Finish

Tuscany                        Smooth Face

Winter Marvel            Umbriano Finish

Shapes & Sizes:

Sure Track Standard Backer

15 cm X 20 cm X 15 cm

5.875″ X 7.875″ X 5.875″

Sure Track Large Backer

15 cm X 17.5 cm X 30 cm

5.875″ X 6.875″ X 11.75″

Universal Base Unit

48.2 cm X 35.5 cm X 5.5 cm

19″ X 14″ X 2.125″


Sure Track Corner Insert

cm X 5cm cm X cm

0″ X 2″ X 0″


Standard Fascia Half Panel

15 cm X 23.3 cm X 6 cm

5.875″ X 9.125″ X 2.375″

(Umbriano, Pitched & Smooth)

Closed-End Fascia Panel

15 cm X 53 cm X 6 cm

5.875″ X 20.875″ X 2.375″

(Umbriano, Pitched & Smooth)

Standard Fascia Panel

15 cm X 46.6 cm X 6 cm

5.875″ X 18.375″ X 2.375″

(Umbriano, Pitched & Smooth)

Universal Coping

48.2 cm X 35.5 cm X 7 cm

19″ X 14″ X 2.75″