Bluestone Thermal Blue



PA Bluestone Thermal Blue

2” Treads, Sills & Widestock

1 ½” Patterned Flagging

1” Patterned Flagging

6” Monolithic Steps

3” Pier Caps Slab Cutting Stock

 Pennsylvania Bluestone is a unique sand stone quarried in Pennsylvania, was formed as sediments fossilized into rock. Minerals, carried by groundwater through rock deposits created other colors, including: blue, green, and lilac or a combination of these shades.

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a strong, stable stone that resists cracking and won’t discolor, is available in several finishes including natural cleft and thermal finish, is a versatile choice for landscapers and architects seeking a connection to the environment. This stone, is flexible, fitting into contemporary and traditional designs and is used to create walls, steps, walkways, patios and as a exterior countertop.


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