Blu Grande polished outdoor patio slab is a large rectangular concrete patio stone that offers less seams and a more linear look. Its polished finish exposes the aggregates within the stone for a subtly speckled or terrazo look underneath a silkier (less rough to the touch) surface. If you’re looking for a modern patio stone for a seamless and ultra-modern look with a subtle hint of luxury and personality, look no further than Blu Grande Polished for large surfaces areas meant for pedestrian and light-traffic-only such as on walkways and patios. Attention: The polishing treatment can make this patio slab a little slippery when wet, we recommend opting for the smooth texture around the pool and adding the polished stones as bandings.


Beige Cream Chestnut Brown Greyed Nickel
Onyx Black Shale Grey

Shapes & Sizes

19 1/2 x 32 1/2