Amerigo & Mezzo pizza ovens1 Amerigo & Mezzo pizza ovens


Would you like to be known as the best pizza chef in your neighborhood and the talk of friends and family? With the installation of an outdoor pizza oven, you will be able to take your backyard dining experience to a whole new culinary level! Traditional Italian pizza pies, open-faced baguette pizzas, homemade breads as well as roasted vegetables are just some of the items you will be able to add along side that juicy steak. And the best part is all will have that amazingly authentic, brick-oven flavor.

The building process of an outdoor pizza oven kit just became a lot easier as well!  With basic masonry skills, these pizza ovens can be built in 3-4 hours.  Once you are done, simply finish with the look of your choice (stone, stucco).

View our pizza oven options below:

The Amerigo & Mezzo pizza ovens are two similar pizza ovens that are offered with different dimensions to fit your outdoor living needs.


Basic components: Outdoor pizza oven Outdoor pizza oven before veneer phase

Diagram showing individual pieces of kit

Close up of kit shown before unit is finished with stone/stucco.

Pizza Fun Facts for Amerigo and Mezzo Pizza Oven Kits:

How many pizzas can you fit in each?

Mezzo Pizza Oven: 3 — 14″ Pizzas or 4 — 10″ Pizzas

Amerigo Pizza Oven: 2 — 18″ Pizzas & 1 — 12″ or 4 — 16″ Pizzas, 12 — 10″ Pizzas or a single pizza up to 24″ & 2 — 3 — 12″ Pizzas.

Wood Suggestions:

Hickory, Pecan and Mesquite wood – any cured wood suitable for smoking meats. Oak is good for heating ovens & generating a bed of coals. Any flavored woods (apple/cherry).

Maintenance Tips:

  • The owner should wait a minimum of 28 days after construction is completed to build the first fire.
  • It’s normal to see spillage out of the front oven opening with soot/smoke stains on the face of the exterior.  By design, the chimney flue of the wood fired ovens are undersized for maximum heat retention.
  • A chimney cap is recommended to protect the interior cooking chamber of the oven from exposure to moisture.


Size (inches)                 Amerigo                 Mezzo

Width                            48″ o.d./42″ i.d             36″ o.d./30″i.d.

Depth                            42 o.d./36″ i.d            33″ o.d./27″ i.d.

Height                           31″o.d.                        24″ o.d.

Door Opening              25.5 x 12.5                15.5 x 8

Cooking Surface         1500 sq.inches         800 sq. inches

Oven Temp                  Up to 800 degrees    Up to 800 degrees

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