Acid Magic Buff Muriatic Acid (1 Gal)

The User Friendly Muriatic Acid!
-Up to 90% less fumes than traditional muriatic acid.
-Buffering agents prevent burns to intact skin.
-Clean, clarify and etch like full strength 20° Baume, 31.45%, muriatic acid.*
-Use ACID Magic exactly as you would standard muriatic acid.*
-Phosphate free.
-Great for Salt Cell cleaning.
-Does not contain urea hydrochloride.
-ACID Magic is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use as a drinking water treatment chemical.

Etches concrete. Cleans Exterior brick and concrete surfaces Removes excess mortar from brick. Cleans stone and grout. Brightens walkways, patios and driveways. Removes efflorescence.


For use in waste and drinking water facilities

*Acid Magic should not be used to acid any pool disinfectant product or other water modifier


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