Old Station Contractors

Contractors, we want to be your masonry and landscape supply company, and we mean business.

How? We can offer you incredibly competitive contractor pricing along with a full selection of materials and products with great customer service.

As a homeowner-friendly supply store, many homeowners rely on us for our selection, advice and, often times, helping to find a knowledgeable contractor to implement their project plans through our contractor referral program. If you are a contractor in Norton or the surrounding areas, come in today and take advantage of your contractor discount. While you’re at it, take a minute to tell us about your business — we’ll match our customers’ needs with qualified contractors’ services.

What else sets us apart from other landscape supply companies?

  • Trained and experienced staff – not that you need it – but it’s nice to know we speak your language.
  • A full inventory including landscaping pebbles, loam, mulch, and sand in bulk. We also offer natural stones, bricks, blocks, patio pavers, stone and brick veneers, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fences, ice melt in bulk, cement, mortar, tools, and whatever else you could need to complete your projects.
  • We partner with the best brands and manufacturers to offer only quality products.
  • We provide ultra-competitive pricing for contractors.
  • There is always a special price for truckloads or large quantities.
  • We own our trucks so you can rely on our affordable deliveries.
  • We also speak Portuguese and Spanish for your convenience.

Expect more from your landscape supplier! We are your one-stop supplier for all your needs.

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