At our landscaping and masonry supply store, we offer Cobblestone Cubes, Granite Belgian Blocks (granite cobblestone), Jumbo Cobblestone, and Landscape Regulation stones. Cobblestone pavers are available in many shapes and colors such as gray, black, pink and yellow.

Cobblestone is often used for walkways and driveways, patios, steps, walls, archways, facing for buildings, and hundreds of decorative masonry projects.


We carry a wide range of granite products including the following: Steps, Treads, Granite Cobblestone Pavers, Regular Pavers, Pattern Stock, Caps, Curbing, Slabs, Platforms, Veneers, and Wallstone. These materials come in a wide range of colors including: Salt & Pepper, Gray, Stansted, Caledonia, Blue Mist, Sandy Point, and Renaissance.  

In addition, we carry Granite Benches, Light Posts, Bird Baths, and Mailbox Posts.

Cobblestone and Granite Masonry Products


Granite Landscaping Materials

Granite Steps

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History of Cobblestones

Cobblestones were used in the early years as pavement for streets. Cobble is from the English word “cob” meaning rounded lump. It was originally referred to as any small stone rounded by the flow of water. Smooth stones taken from river beds were used to create streets.

Today in older cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, Cobblestone streets can still be found. Cobblestones have been replaced by quarried granite known as Belgian blocks or Setts. The word cobblestone is often used incorrectly. These blocks were roughly rectangular stones that were laid in regular patterns.

This gave a smoother ride for carts than cobbles, although in heavily used sections, such as in yards and the like, the usual practice was to replace the Setts by parallel granite slabs set apart by the standard axle length of the time. Cobblestone streets gradually gave way to Macadam roads, and later to Tarmac, and finally to Asphalt concrete at the beginning of the 20th century.

We also carry a wide range of other materials including: Bluestone, Brazilian Slate, Decorative Rock and Stone, Granite, Imported Brownstone, Krishna Sandstone, Limestone, Paving Stones, Flagging, Quartzite, Stone Accessories, Stone Veneers, Travertine, and Wallstone.

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