Packaging: One roll does the typical 20’ x 60’ driveway.

Roll Size: 13’ x 120’

Weight: 57Lbs. ( 26Kg)

Recommended Overlap: 12” or more

Minimum aggregate over grid: 4”

Maximum aggregate over grid: 12” (diminishing returns over 12”)

Ensure a fabulous frontage for your Franklin Lakes, NJ home with an attractive driveway from Unilock incorporating the DriveGrid System for strength. When DriveGrid is used in the construction of your driveway, it helps to reinforce the aggregate and paving material, making the driveway stronger and more durable by distributing the load laterally across a larger area. DriveGrid is made of geosynthetic material formed by means of intersecting grids.

Here are three reasons the DriveGrid System should be used in the construction of your driveway:


Easy to install

Installation of the DriveGrid system is easy and straightforward. This involves rolling out the grid on top of the subsoil prior to the laying of a gravel base. One roll of DriveGrid is enough to cover the standard 20′ x 60′ driveway base. When using multiple rolls or sections of DriveGrid, the grid can be easily cut and laid with a 12″ overlap. With a weight of only 57 lbs (26 kg), moving and transporting the roll is easy too. DriveGrid requires a minimum of only 4″ layer of aggregate, further simplifying the installation process.


Greater Durability and Cost Reduction

The DriveGrid System stabilizes the soil below the driveway foundation. Not only does this have a huge impact on the stability of the aggregate, but also allows for a shallower foundation, and thus less excavation and less expenditure on labor and materials. The triangular matrix formed by DriveGrid redistributes downward pressure in three directions for maximum strength of the surface, limiting the effects of shifting ground, vehicle weight and general use. In so doing, DriveGrid protects against shifting pavers, maintains an even surface and reduces ridging and potholes. In short, DriveGrid saves you money in the construction of your driveway, as well as over time with costs incurred due to maintenance.


Greater Strength Allows Greater Loads

The weight of heavy loads, be it from parked or moving vehicles, can cause issues with the paving materials, aggregate and sub-surface drainage systems. When enforced by the DriveGrid System, a driveway is better suited to heavier vehicle use. The triangular reinforcement provided by Tensar TriAx technology ensures that the DriveGrid geogrid layer has enough frictional resistance to oppose subgrade lateral movement. This mechanism improves the bearing capacity of the layer. Reduction of outward stresses converts to formation of inward pressure, which increases the bearing capacity. Whether your driveway is home to an RV or needs to stand up to the heavy weight of commercial vehicles, DriveGrid is the ideal reinforcement. So much so that it has received the acclaim of the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Compatible with Permeable Pavers

DriveGrid is fully compatible with permeable pavers and poses no obstruction to the flow of stormwater into natural subsurface layers. In this way, DriveGrid can contribute to effective drainage for your driveway and reduce stormwater runoff. This is important in easing over-taxed stormwater drain systems, reducing litter and pollutants being carried into natural water systems, and replenishing subterranean groundwater tables.