Jonathan Green Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer 21-0-3

Controls dandelions and over 250 other broadleaf weeds in lawns while feeding your lawn with 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Three way action provides superior weed control. Feeds desirable grasses longer while weeds gradually disappear from the lawn. Apply when weeds are actively growing in the spring through fall. Greens the lawn in cooler temperatures.  Fine particle size allows for superior weed control and feeding action.  Apply to moist grass.  Do not mow two days before or after application.  Do not water for 48 hours after application and delay application if rainfall is expected within 48 hours.  Do not apply during hot, dry weather when the turf is under stress.  Delay seeding for four weeks after applying.

This product is available in the following bag sizes:

15 lb. (5000 sq. ft.)

45 lb. (15000 sq. ft.)