Ideal Wall Coping

Ideal Wall Coping

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Roman Pisa®


Ideal’s wall coping provides the perfect finish to your next wall project. These accent pieces are matched perfectly to each of our existing wall blocks, creating a seamless and continuous look.

  • Ancestral™ Coping consists of 2 pieces that are tapered to follow straight, curved or serpentine walls. Drum-Roll Tumbled Split Face Finish
  • Roman Pisa® Coping features the same rustic, Drum Roll Tumbled Split Face Finish as the wall units
  • Universal Coping™ gives you a choice of finishes for the face – smooth on one edge and textured on the opposite. Simply position the unit for the look you prefer.


Dimensions & Coverage
Shape Width/Height Depth Length Weight Pcs/SF SF/Cube
Ancestral Coping (2 pc set) 3.63″h x 16″/13″l  x 13″d 98.5 lb/set 2.16 lf/set 77.8 lf/cube
3.63″h x 13″/10″l  x 13″d
Roman Pisa Coping 3.63″h x 16″w  x 13″d 61 lb 1.33 lf/pc 84 lf/cube
Universal Coping 3.63″h x 16″w  x 13″d 63 lb 1.33 lf/pc 84 lf/cube

Note: If used as stair treads that will be subject to deicing chemicals, coping units must be treated with penetrating type sealer.

Shapes & Sizes

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